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Intestinal hernia (Diverticulum) treatment

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Colon Diverticulum, simply herniation of the intestinal wall It means. In this way, vesicles or bubbles form in the intestinal wall. Latin Diverticula d.

Although the reason for herniation of the intestinal wall outward is not completely clear, many etiophysiological mechanisms have been considered. Among these reasons, the pressure that causes herniation is related to the inside or outside of the intestine.

Colon Diverticulum Anatomy

Types of Diverticula

  • Pushing Diverticulum. Diverticula caused by increased pressure in the intestine (for example, prolonged constipation) Pushing It is called a diverticulum.
  • Pulling Diverticulum. Diverticula caused by external attraction force pulling It is called a diverticulum.

In the classification made by considering the wall structure of the colon diverticula, they are classified under two main groups:

  • True Diverticulum. Hernia of the entire bowel wall.
  • Pseudo-Diverticulum. Hernia of part of the intestinal wall.

What are the Symptoms of Diverticula?

Most diverticula silent and painless cannot be diagnosed because it is.

In 30% of patients:

  • stomach pain
  • constipation
  • abdominal bloating
  • Complication. In cases of inflammation of the diverticula (Diverticulitis = Diverticulatis), there may be excessive abdominal pain (acute abdomen), rectal bleeding, diarrhea and fever. When the diverticulum is pierced, the intestinal contents empty into the abdominal cavity and acute peritonitis develops. This condition is life-threatening.

Meckel's Diverticulum Often, because it is close to the area where the small and large intestine meet. Appendicitis disease and causes misdiagnosis and treatment.

Numerous diverticular diseases in the large intestine. Diverticulosis Coli is called.

How to Understand a Diverticulum?

Most diverticula by chance is diagnosed.

Abdominal ultrasound tomography or MR in your movies, Colonoscopy ve endoscopy appears on barium colon radiographs.

Diverticulosis Coli seen in colonoscopy, Op.Dr.Ertan BEYATLI / 2014
Diverticulosis Coli seen in colonoscopy, Op.Dr.Ertan BEYATLI / 2014

What is the treatment for diverticulum?

Since most Colon Diverticula do not cause symptoms, they do not require treatment and only follow-up is sufficient. However, inflammatory diverticula causing complaints are treated with appropriate antibiotics. Surgical intervention is performed in the following situations:

  • diverticulitis that does not respond to medical therapy
  • perforation of the diverticulum or fistulization to neighboring organs
  • excessive bleeding from inside the diverticulum
  • having a large number of diverticula

Surgical Treatment for Colon Diverticulum

During surgery, 1-3 diverticula are removed one by one and the remaining bowel is repaired (diverticulectomy = Wedge resection and primary suture). In large number of diverticula (diverticulosis Coli), a certain part of the intestine is completely removed and the remaining healthy intestine is sutured end-to-end (resection + anastomosis).

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