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How to get BEN in the face?

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A mole seen on the face, neck and arms can sometimes be very uncomfortable. Although people do not notice their moles in front of a mirror, they can be easily noticed by the new people they meet. This situation can be socially disturbing from time to time.

Sometimes moles are good on people's faces 🙂 in this article, we will only talk about moles that do not look good.

Türkan Şoray - Actor, Motion Picture Director, Script Writer
Türkan Şoray - Actor, Motion Picture Director, Script Writer

Before moving on to the treatment part, it is useful to have some information about BENs.

These are colorless or colorless benign growths that occur in any part of the body. It is called (Nevus) in medical language. Among the people, the expressions (birthmark, meat me, beauty sign and birthmark) are also used.

Moles can exist from birth (congenital nevus) or can be acquired later in life.

They can be dark (hypermelanotic) or uncoated (hypomelanotic). The color status depends on the pigment melanin in the formations. Multi-colored or dark formations are likely to be a sign of skin cancer.

Types of mole

How is the diagnosis made?

Moles are usually diagnosed with the naked eye or a magnifying glass (dermatoscopy). In doubtful cases, computerized dermoscopy and image analysis can be performed.

How am I treated?

Treatment management of moles depends on the type and the degree of diagnostic uncertainty. Some are known to be benign and can only be traced over time. Others may require a more thorough examination and biopsy for histopathological examination (see section XNUMX). Excisional Biopsy). ABCDE criteria (asymmetry, border irregularity, color change, diameter> 6 mm and evolution) are often used to evaluate malignant moles. Some lesions may require further testing such as immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy.

In general, existing since childhood s are harmless (Congenital Nevuses).

At the diagnosis stage, the following differential diagnoses should be considered:

  • Lentigo simplex
  • Solar lentigo
  • Café au lait macule
  • Ink-spot lentigo (Ink-spot lentigo)
  • Mucosal melanotic macule
  • Mongolian spot (Mongolian spot, dermal melanocytosis)

Treatment phase:

  1. Observation
  2. Deletion Method (Chemical peeling, Cryotherapy, Dermabrasion, electrodessication, Laser ablation). Moles are not removed using these methods. Applications to be made can reduce the size of moles and reduce their color.
  3. Operation: These formations can be completely removed by simple surgical intervention.

The decision to monitor or treat a mole has cosmetic concerns, irritant symptoms (e.g. itching), ulceration, infection, discoloration or shape change, hair growth and malignant (malignant). ) may be due to a number of factors such as anxiety.

Surgical Intervention Option

Moles by an experienced physician local anesthesia can be taken completely in a short time. After the procedure, the patient can return to work and home within 1-2 hours. The surgical method has several advantages:

  • not reproducing
  • No stain in the area
  • Send moles taken for examination when necessary
  • Being a permanent treatment option
  • Short term and simple
  • There is a chance that moles can turn into malignant formations in treatments with other wiping methods (peeling, laser, etc.). There is no such risk in surgical treatment.

According to some beliefs among the people, prayers are read for me. Such practices do not have a scientific or medical aspect. It is believed that if this verse is read 3-5 and 7-40 times by marking the edges with a pen for temras (wart, flesh, etc.) found on the face and hand, it is believed to be healed. Temra Prayer: اَمْ اَبْرَمُوا اَمْرًا فَإنَّا مُبْرٍمُونَ Reading: "Em ebremû emren fe innâ mumbrimûn."

In addition, some plants are used to remove these unwanted formations and stains in the community. The medicinal effect of these herbs is unknown. For example:

  • KANTARON: Centaury flower is mixed with jackal plum flower equally, 1 spoon is put in 1 glass of boiling water, 10 min. Wait, drink 1 glass in the morning and evening on an empty stomach.
  • BAYIR TURPU: Fresh horseradish is squeezed, 1 glass of vinegar is added to half a glass of radish water, left in the sun for 3 hours, light massage is made 3 times a day.
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