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How to understand Bile Gastritis?

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Bile Gastritis or aka Alkaline Reflux Gastritis It is a type of gastritis seen in 5-10% of all gastritis cases. Bile fluid produced in the liver causes this gastritis to occur.

The bile fluid flowing from the gallbladder and bile ducts to the beginning part of the small intestine (Duodenum) returns from there to the stomach by returning through the lower lid of the stomach (Pylor) and causes gastritis by causing damage and inflammation in the mucosa. The condition that occurs in this way is called Bile Gastritis.

Why Does Bile Reflux Happen?

There are many factors that cause the return of bile fluid from the small intestine to the stomach (reflux), but the main mechanism is as follows:

  • excessive production and solidification of bile (bile sludge)
  • no storage of bile (after gallbladder surgery)
  • the inability of the produced bile to move easily through the small intestines

Bile Gastritis Symptoms

Almost the same symptoms as other acid gastritis (see. Gastritis Symptoms), gallbladder vomiting, previous gallbladder surgery, gallbladder laziness (cholecystopathy), bile sludge or gallstones and poly (Gallbladder Polyps) may be the story.

Gall bladder, bile ducts, liver and pancreas.

Diagnostic Method

Bile Gastritis it is an endoscopic diagnosis; In other words, it is not diagnosed based on clinical findings. Diagnosis only endoscopy is put through.

Treatment of Bile Gastritis

I see that many patients who experience bile reflux and gastritis are not satisfied with the diagnosis and treatment process. In some patients, there is no untested drug left.

Bile Gastritis Unlike other acid gastritis, the treatment method is also slightly different because it is caused by the bile fluid, which is sensible.

Since most patients are treated for acid gastritis without endoscopy, these patients cannot get the desired result from the treatment and over time symptoms of chronic atrophic gastritis develop.

Patients are offered the right treatment option for diagnoses made after endoscopy. Gastro-protective drugs (such as proton pump inhibitors), which are widely used in acid gastritis cases, are not used alone in Bile Gastritis and are unnecessary in some cases.

Surgery option

Surgical intervention may be considered in cases that cannot respond to medical treatment for a long time.

The main purpose of the intervention preventing or reducing the passage of bile into the stomach. There are many bypass surgical techniques available for this, and the most efficient method is determined according to the patient's condition.

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