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What are rectoscopy and anoscopy?

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Rectoscopy and anoscopy are important tests used to diagnose a large number of problems in the anorectal area. In proctology, these two tests are an integral part of a rectal examination.

How to do rectoscopy and anoscopy

Special tools are used to perform these tests: anoscope and rectoscope. With the help of a properly lubricated and specific guide, these devices are gently inserted into the anal hole.

When the desired depth is reached, the doctor takes out the guide and starts pulling the instrument. While pulling the instrument, the specialist doctor (proctologist, What is proctology?) performs gentle circular movements that allow it to fully see the walls of the lower rectum and anal canal.

When is it done?

By specialist doctor, anoscopy and rectoscopy hemorrhoidsanal or rectal polypsanal fistulascondylomata (genital warts)anal fissures, anus and rectal cancer It can diagnose as many diseases as.

What is the difference between rectoscopy and anoscopy?

The anoscope is shorter (5 cm long) than the rectoscope and allows the anal canal to be examined. The rectoscope is longer (12 cm long) and allows the lower part of the rectum to be examined as well. The rectosigmoidoscope is also 70 cm long.

What is rectoscopy and anoscopy and how is it done? What is rectoscopy and anoscopy and how is it done? what is an anoscope

The rectoscope can be equipped with a magnifying glass and a blowing device for a better view of the area being examined, thanks to magnified visualization and slight widening of the rectal walls. When performed by a specialist, both rectoscopy and anoscopy It is not painful and takes only a few minutes.

Rectoscopy and anoscopy preparation

In order for the anorectal canal to be seen adequately, the patient may need to do an enema (enema) the day before the examination and a few hours before the visit. No dietary changes or laxatives or medications are required.

What is high resolution anoscopy and how is it done?

High-resolution anoscopy (HRA) is the evolution of traditional anoscopy. Like traditional anoscopy, HRA can be performed as an outpatient procedure in the hospital or office without anesthesia. HRA is actually a minimally invasive exam that takes only a few minutes.

What is high resolution anoscopy (High-resolution anoscopy HRA) rectoscopy and anoscopy and how is it done? What is rectoscopy and anoscopy and how is it done? high anoscopy

With this examination, the attending physician can view enlarged images of the anal canal, save them and compare them with the results of subsequent diagnostic tests.

HRA allows to accurately visualize any lesion of the anal canal. Possible removal of these lesions or tissue biopsy during the examination is also possible.

This examination to date, HPV virus It represents one of the most reliable tools for diagnosing the lesions it causes, even at an early stage.

Thanks to this examination, in the most experienced centers, the doctor can already confirm or exclude the presence of lesions that can turn into anus cancer. However, the biopsy is suitable for accurately describing the characteristics and stage of the lesions.

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