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6 rules for stomach ulcer

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Stomach ulcer - The word ulcer is in Latin Ulcer known as yara It means. Peptic Ulcer, on the other hand, is the wound that occurs on the inner lining (mucosa) of the digestion with the effect of acid and pepsin.

Pepsin is a powerful enzyme found in gastric juice that affects protein foods such as meat and eggs. Pepsin arises from the reaction of pepsinogen secreted by "essential" cells in the stomach wall and hydrochloric acid in gastric juice. While pepsin is secreted by stomach cells, it is in the form of inactive pepsinogen or propepsin. It turns into pepsin in acidic gastric juice.

Stomach Ulcer - Peptic Ulcer

A certain part of the inner surface of the stomach (epithelium, mucosa), the wound that occurs as a result of abrasion is called stomach ulcer. Nervous disorder, excess acid in the stomach, not treated in good time and in good time gastritisstomach weakness, liver failure or low bileHeart diseases, excessive use of indigestible foods, excessive smoking, drinking tea, coffee or acidic soft drinks, using alcohol or using certain drugs for a long time are among the causes of stomach ulcers.

Endoscopic view of gastric (stomach) Ulcer
Endoscopic view of gastric (stomach) Ulcer


The onset of the disease are heartburn and heaviness. The patient's mouth, often sour water comes. Have eased the sense of taste, the language is rusty, the patient's color is faded. It presses on the upper abdomen, felt pity (stomach pain). After these symptoms occur; If treatment is not initiated as soon as possible; 2-3 hours after meals, severe stomach pains that spread to the back arise.

Dizziness and sweating are also seen. During this period, some blood can also be seen with vomiting. Some people stool like tar happens. These marks indicate that advanced stage of the ulcer. Stomach ulcers become very uncomfortable, especially in the spring and autumn months. Pain and bleeding increase.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If the stomach ulcer is diagnosed at the beginning and treatment is started, there is no need to worry and fear. In this case, the first thing to do is not to be sad, but to try to get rid of all sorrow. Then, it is necessary to strictly follow the following points in order to help the treatment.

Endoscopic view of duodenal (twelve-finger) ulcer
Endoscopic view of duodenal (twelve-finger) ulcer
  1. Rest during the treatment
  2. Eat your meals at certain times each day
  3. Keep your intestines working properly
  4. Stop smoking, tea, coffee and alcohol
  5. Pay attention to dental health
  6. Do not miss milk and dairy foods, eggs, toast, butter, jelly and boiled fish, vegetable purees and potatoes on your table.

Your small intestine 25 cm the first part up to the duodenum is called. It has the appearance of the letter C. Ulcers in the duodenum are called duodenal ulcers in medical language.

Untreated gastritis, excessive acid, nervous disorder, irregular life, noise, excessive smoking, tea, coffee and alcohol use, gallbladder or liver failure, heart disease, hormone imbalance, inability to eat well, too hot or too cold food, too much meat, pastries or spicy foods and some medicines; It helps the formation of ulcers in the duodenum. The patient complains of heartburn and sour water in the mouth.

In addition, his tongue is rusty, pale in color, dizziness and excessive sweating are also seen. He feels pain when he is pressed on his stomach. After meals, a pain that spreads to the chest appears. These symptoms increase in the spring and autumn months. The first thing to do for treatment is to eliminate the causes of the disease, to eat less but often, to rest and to try to live away from sadness.

To make the definitive diagnosis of Peptic Ulcers (Stomach and Duodenum) Endoscopy the most effective tool.

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