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How is Slimming with Stomach Balloon?

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Gastric Balloon method main goal more by reducing the capacity of the stomach early feeling of fullness to provide. After a deflated balloon is advanced through the esophagus and inserted into the stomach, the inside of the balloon filled with liquid or air Thus, the space in the stomach is reduced.

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What is a Stomach Balloon?

There are many different types of intragastric balloons on the market. It is generally produced from silicone. These balloons can remain in the stomach for up to 6-12 months. Some balloons have a fixed capacity and some have an adjustable feature.

In which cases is stomach balloon applied?

In fact, the restriction criteria in other obesity methods are not valid for the balloon method. It is sufficient to have a body mass index (BMI-BMI) above 27%.

In which cases the stomach balloon is not applied

Next gastritis, LES loosenesshiatal hernia, stomach or duodenum ulcerIt is not recommended to apply this method in case of advanced disease.

How To Place A Balloon In The Stomach

Stomach balloon Endoscopy placed with the device. The patient must be hungry for at least 8 hours. This method is performed under sedation or under general anesthesia. Average duration of the method 15-30 minutes. After the balloon is placed, patients can be discharged after being under observation for 3 hours. The balloon method is a short, simple and no special risk procedure.

What Should I Do After The Balloon Is Placed

You can start taking food and liquid orally 1 hour after the balloon is placed. Now that the stomach cavity is smaller, you should increase the number of meals and reduce the amount of fluids and foods taken per meal.

It will not be difficult for you to understand this situation from the feeling of early satiety. You must be followed by a Nutrition and Diet specialist. It is recommended that you chew food as much as possible before swallowing it. You should avoid excessively hot foods and drinks. You should be careful with hard, pointed and angular foods that can damage the balloon in the stomach. In the first days, there may be a feeling of nausea from time to time, but it is appropriate to remove the balloon in cases of excessive vomiting. Oral acid-reducing drugs are used as long as the balloon remains in the stomach.

How many kilos can I lose with Gastric Balloon?

With the gastric balloon method, your excess weight You can give 35%. With other obesity surgeries, it is possible to lose 40-60% of your weight, but the risk of surgeries is high.

When and How to Take out a Balloon?

As we mentioned earlier, this time depends on the type of bubble. For 6-12 months. However, the balloon can be removed earlier, depending on the clinical condition of the patients. Stomach balloon again removed by endoscopy. During this method, the liquid or air inside the balloon is completely evacuated with a special probe and extracted from the esophagus into the oral cavity with a special tool. This method is also applied with sedation or general anesthesia.

What Should I Do After The Balloon Is Removed?

After the balloon is removed, your old eating and drinking habit continues and your appetite returns to normal. Therefore, after this stage, it is recommended that you stick to the diet you have previously applied, otherwise it is inevitable to regain the weight you have lost. Op.Dr.Ertan BEYATLI

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