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What is Local Anesthesia?

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What does local anesthesia mean?

Local anesthesia is a type of anesthesia that numbs only a specific area of ​​the body. When this type of anesthesia is applied, the patient is awake. He is conscious. He is aware of everything. Some side effects may occur after the surgery, depending on the dose of the drug.

The most common side effect is headache. Apart from this, nausea and high fever can be seen.

How long after local anesthesia (LA) can be operated?

“After local anesthesia, at least 5-10 minutes should be waited for the drug to pass into the tissues. The aim here is to ensure that the patient does not feel pain in any way. Because, for a patient who feels pain once, even if local anesthesia is effective, that area may feel as if it hurts. "

How long does the effect of local anesthesia last?

“The duration of local anesthesia depends on the drug used. Some 'astringent' substances can also be mixed with local anesthetics to prolong the action, eg adrenaline and nor-adrenaline. Depending on the drug used, the duration of local anesthesia can vary from one hour to four hours. "

Usage Formula

In which case are the local anesthetic agents in the form of sprays or creams used and do they show the same effect as injection?

“Spray local anesthetic agents are applied by spraying on thin layers (mucosa) such as inside the mouth and nose. Creams can be applied to both mucous membranes and skin. Since local anesthetics in the form of cream are absorbed quickly through a thin layer of mucous membranes, they act in a shorter time. On the other hand, anesthesia creams applied to the skin should be waited for at least 1-1,5 hours to be effective. The duration of action of local anesthetics in the form of injection is much faster because they pass directly to the tissue. "

Which operations can be performed under local anesthesia (LA)?

Actually General anesthesia or many small and medium surgery groups performed with spinal anesthesia can be performed under local anesthesia. This situation is decided after the patient and doctor dialogue. For example:

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