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How is Colonoscopy done with narcosis?

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The average length of the human large intestine (colon) is 150 cm (ie 1.5 meters). A "Colonoscopy" device is used to examine the thick gut.

What is a colonoscopy?

Colonoscopeis a finger-sized flexible tool with an average length of 160-200 cm. It transfers the image to the monitor thanks to the fiber optic and light source inside. Colonoscopy The procedure is to examine the colon from the anus to the beginning of the small intestine.

Colon polyps
Colon polyps are most common on the left side.

These regions are anatomically as follows: anal canal, rectum, sigmoid, descending colon, splenic flexure, transverse colon, hepatic flexure, ascending colon and cecum. It is possible to take parts from the masses and lesions detected during this procedure with the help of biopsy forceps.

I will try to give useful information about colonoscopy in this article. If you have any questions, you can contact me without hesitation.

Colonoscopy procedure time is average Is 25 minutes (15-35 minutes). Before the procedure, solid foods should not be taken and laxative drugs should be taken for 2-3 times to clean the intestinal lumen. Caused by the gas given during the process colic abdominal pain Therefore, it is appropriate to perform the procedure by being stunned (sedation) or anesthetized (general anesthesia).

For a healthy and successful colonoscopy procedure, the colon should be examined from the anus (anal canal) to the first part of the colon (cecum). This Total Colonoscopy called. All other transactions are deemed inadequate and Sub-total Colonoscopy It is called (sub-optimal). There are also different names up to the centimeter viewed. For example, anoscopy at 10 cm, rectoscopy at 30 cm, sigmoidoscopy at 50 cm (rectosigmoidoscopy).

If pathology is found in sub-total colonoscopies (eg presence of polyps) or if there is suspicion, the procedure can be repeated for total colonoscopy.

Stay for a successful colonoscopy procedure the bowel must be clean. In order to ensure bowel cleansing, it is extremely important to follow the diet stated below and to use the prescribed medications completely.


When you come to our center on the appointment date, your intestines will be examined internally. In order for this process to be done, your bowel cleansing must be sufficient. When you prepare insufficiently and do not use the medicine according to the recipe, your examination will not be done and you will have to make an appointment again and it will be a waste of time.

Colonoscopy Brochure
Colonoscopy Brochure

IMPORTANT: 2 days before the appointment date, diet will be applied, solid foods will not be consumed (bread, meat, pasta, rice, pastry, etc.), easy digestible foods such as tea, soup, milk, pudding will be consumed.

XM DIET 250 cc syrup: The evening before the procedure (……………… ..) hour: 18.00 XM DIET should be mixed with a 250 cc solution bottle with 2 lt of water or fruit juice and drink a glass of 10 minutes in two hours each. Do not eat anything from the use of the drug until the procedure is done. You can only drink water until 23:00 at night. Blood pressure patients should use their medication with very little water at 06:00 in the morning of the procedure.

FLEET ENEMA Enema: The first box is lying on the enema box at 23:00 at night and squeezed into the anus and waited for 15 minutes to relieve your toilet needs. Apply the second box in the same way before coming to the procedure in the morning and come to the hospital on an empty stomach. Come with a companion with you.

Why and When Is Colonoscopy Performed? (Colonoscopy Indications)

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