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What are the Harms of Hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoid problems are much more than expected. Hemorrhoid patients adopt a different lifestyle to minimize their complaints. What they eat, drink, their tastes, morale, hobbies and many other habits continue to live not as they want, but as shaped by this disease.

Hemorrhoids or in colloquial language, hemorrhoid disease is not as simple as it seems. For detailed information about hemorrhoid treatment: Hemorrhoids - Diagnosis and treatment for hemorrhoids

In this article, I will try to give detailed information about what problems untreated hemorrhoids, ie hemorrhoids, can cause in the society. If you have any questions, you can contact me without hesitation.

Complaints directly caused by hemorrhoids are pain and swelling in the seat area, bleeding from the anus, breast-like swelling in the anus region, itching and discharge in the seat, constipation and swelling in the abdomen.

In addition to the direct complaints of hemorrhoids, there are serious problems that will never come to mind. In this article, we will discuss the complaints, diseases and problems caused by hemorrhoids indirectly.

Hemorrhoids problems

Digestive Issues Caused by Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid patients are generally afraid and hesitant to go to the toilet due to serious problems in defecation habits. This situation causes stool to stay in the intestines for a longer time.

If the intestines remain immobile and full for a long time, especially bowel cancer (colon CAherniation of the intestinal walls (diverticulumdiverticulitis), irregular contractions in the bowel and gas tightness (irritable bowel syndrome, İBS) Indigestion due to reflux of the intestinal contents in the small intestine and stomach causes burning, souring and nausea in the stomach.

In order to eliminate these problems, chronic gastritis and stomach ulcers develop in the stomach when patients use medication continuously. Due to all these problems, it causes serious restrictions in the eating habits of the patients and a decrease in the nutritional value taken from foods.

The negative effects of hemorrhoids on the nervous system

Irregularities and insufficiencies in eating and drinking, stomach problems and gas swelling in the intestine, pain in the seat and rectal bleeding cause an all-disordered lifestyle and thus sleep disorders and the nervous system to be turned upside down. The result is a sense of irritability, insomnia, inefficiency, aggression, impatience, and an inability to enjoy life.

Negative Effects of Hemorrhoids on Sexual Life

In fact, we can guess that the digestive and nervous system is disrupted as described above, which inevitably causes very serious and deep sexual problems. In addition, these painful, bleeding and sensitive swelling (ie hemorrhoids), which are constantly in the anus region, prevent sufficient hardening of the penis in men as well as sexual desire in women. (libido) seriously reduces. Hormonal disorders and mental disorders may occur along with these problems. (For detailed information about Hemorrhoids and Sexual Life here you can check my article)

Adverse effects of hemorrhoids on circulation and heart

An ancestor says that "drop by drop becomes a lake", and think of the opposite, "drop by drop, the tank is emptied". drops of blood flowing from hemorrhoids over time to anemia (anemia) causes. Unfortunately, these drops of blood often mix with the stools and are often unnoticed by patients. in cases of long-lasting anemia (chronic anemia) the heart starts to work harder and faster to meet the body's need for sufficient blood. This excessive pace of the heart leads to the bankruptcy of the heart muscle (heart failure) and loosening of the heart valves (valve insufficiency) causes.

The negative effects of hemorrhoids on professional life

Especially progressive hemorrhoids prevent patients from standing or sitting on a chair for a long time. A serious decrease can be observed in the performance and productivity of professionals in these two positions (for example, teachers, civil servants, barbers, tradesmen, doctors, lawyers, judges, soldiers, etc.).

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