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Harmonic Surgery - Ligasure and Cautery

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"To surgeries using harmonic instruments"harmonic Surgery"Is called.

In recent years, the operations using Harmonic Surgical instruments have started to be known with their features, such as harmonic thyroid surgery, harmonic gallbladder surgery, harmonic hemorrhoid surgery, etc.

Among the harmonic surgical instruments, the most widely used harmonic cautery and ligasure instruments. The most prominent feature of these instruments is that they have the function of stopping bleeding (coagulation) during the cutting of tissues.

In recent years, these instruments have been used frequently in minimally invasive surgery.

Harmonic Surgery

Harmonic Surgical Instruments

Harmonic Surgical Cautery has many features compared to the electrical cautery used before.

  • Cutting and burning at the same time. Whereas, in electro-cautery which is commonly used, these processes are carried out in separate stages.
  • In harmonic cauteries, local vibration (vibration) is used for cutting (incision and excision) (approximately 55.500 Hz). As a result of this vibration, the heat generated at the micro level in the region, crushing in the tissues and fragmentation of the proteins occurs. With this mechanism, both cutting (excision, incision) and burning (hemostasis, coagulation) are provided. For this reason, the surrounding tissues are not damaged or minimal damage occurs in the use of harmonic cauteries. In electro-cautery, direct electric current and heat are used for cutting and burning. Due to this cause, more tissue damage occurs outside the area to be cut and burned.
  • Harmonic Surgery is less harmful and less smoke is generated in cautery applications.
  • Harmonic cautery applications are shorter, easier and safer than electrocautery.
  • Post-operative tissue recovery rate and speed are higher in harmonic cautery applications.
  • The disadvantage of harmonic cautery is that it is more difficult to use and the cutting process and burning process are always at the same time. Since electrocautery is widely used, it has easier manipulation and when desired, only cutting or burning can be used alone.
  • Compared to conventional surgical instruments, Harmonic Surgical instruments are less common and expensive.

Harmonic Surgical instruments around the world Ethicon Endo-Surgery It is produced by the group. In the coming years, we can see a very serious and rapid increase in the use of these tools and the increase in varieties.

Harmonic surgical instruments Thyroid operations, gallbladder surgeries ve Hemorrhoids can be used in attempts.