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What is navel inflammation (Omphalitis)?

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It means inflammation of the belly button. Also in medical language omphalitis (omphalitis) is called.

Navel inflammation can occur at any age. It is important to treat the disease before it progresses and causes serious harm.

Remedy for navel inflammation

Causes of belly inflammation

Bacteria are the most common cause of navel inflammation (Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus and Escherichia coli).

Situations that lead to belly button inflammation are as follows:

  • the belly is dirty
  • the navel is hollow and narrow (anatomical difference)
  • cleaning the hub with a dirty and pointed tool
  • excessive sweating
  • excess weight (obesity)
  • piercing

How is the diagnosis made?

They knew

Bloody, thick and foul smelling discharge from the navel in case of inflammation of the navel.
Navel discharge due to navel inflammation

It causes discharge, dirty underwear and constant belly pain. This is why it causes patients to move away from asocial and society, even close family members.


In fact, an abdominal examination is sufficient for the diagnosis of Umbilical Inflammation. In some cases, similar diseases should be distinguished. For this, some tests can be applied (blood tests, ultrasound and films). Similar diseases are as follows:

  • Umbilical fistula
  • Congenital diseases (Congenital malformations)
  • Intestinal fistula (enterocutaneous)
  • Urinary fistula (urocutaneous)
  • Umbilical hernia or hernia

Umbilical Inflammation Treatment

Navel inflammation is a very simple disease at first and can be treated with medication. Over time it becomes chronic. It can lead to undesirable consequences such as abscess formation in the navel, opening of the belly skin to the abdominal cavity and umbilical hernia.

It is possible to eliminate and even prevent Umbilical Inflammation with some simple applications before drug treatment. For example; Keeping the belly button clean, regular belly care, removal of stuck hair and clothing debris in the belly.

For drug treatment of navel inflammation antibiotic and pain medication. A silver nitrate pen or stick is used for irritated or corroded belly skin. Progressive and hard tissue (granulation) Surgical intervention may be required in cases that occur.

If left untreated, inflammation of the belly can quickly spread throughout the body. (sepsis) and it can turn into a life threatening situation.

Omphalitis of the Newborn

It means bacterial inflammation of the stump of the umbilical cord in the neonatal period.

The umbilical cord is cut right after a baby is born. A small residue and stump are formed. This stump dries and falls off within 3-45 days. A small amount of pus-like area is seen at the base of the stump and the stump is left open to dry. Meanwhile, some bacteria can cause stump inflammation.

In the past, this situation caused significant death and suffering in regions with scarce healthcare worldwide. (morbidity and mortality) caused. In general, when this type of infection is suspected or diagnosed, antibiotic treatment is given. Surgical treatment is applied when serious complications develop.

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